"Worth considerably more than the paltry $20 admission fee it demands, the neo-burlesque show Revealed offers up a substantial helping of coquetry, comedy and camp, along with other, pinker, softer words beginning with the letter C." Anna King, New York Press

“Yes, there's full nudity, and I for one approve, but the best part of the fun is in the gaudy creativity on display.” Jon Sobel, Blogcritics Magazine

“An ideal date night for the decadent.” Not For Tourists Guide

"You can't go wrong at Revealed if you're looking for a night of escapist fun and classic entertainment. And you can drink in the theater. Doesn't get much better than that." Larry Litt, New York Theatre Wire

“A show that not only gets art and sex together onstage, but adds a healthy dose of talent and fun.” Byrne Harrison, Stagebuzz

“A cheeky joke shared between performer and audience… my favorite New York City burlesque experience.” Cherry Belle, Burlesque Magazine

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